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Captain Keeli Clone Trooper Lego Star Wars Minifigures

Captain Keeli Clone Trooper Lego Star Wars Minifigures

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Captain Keeli Clone Trooper Lego Star wars Minifigures Compatible building block toys for kids and adults. The Clone Wars

"Keeli" was the nickname of a clone trooper captain who served in the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars. Under the command of Jedi General Ima-Gun Di, he led the Galactic Republic's Outer Rim garrison against the Confederacy of Independent Systems at the Battle of Ryloth in 22 BBY. As the Separatists began to overwhelm Republic forces on Ryloth, Twi'lek Resistance leader Cham Syndulla told Keeli and Di that they desperately needed reinforcements and aid. However, such aid could not be safely delivered in their current situation, as the Separatist blockade had destroyed Admiral Dao's fleet. As Syndulla told them that his people had no choice but to retreat, Di and Keeli agreed to buy them as much time as they could against the incoming Separatists.
- Lego compatible Minifigures
- New Minifigures in Polybag
- Material: Environmentally friendly ABS plastic
- Fit: Arms head and legs slot nicely into the Minifigures
- Paint Job: Non-toxic using organic compounds
- Quality: Each Minifigures is made to perfection, if you find any defects however,
please contact us and We will be happy to remedy the situation.
All orders are shipped within 2 business day from date of purchase.

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